Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Taylor

This beautiful baby is one of my best friends' little darlin's! We did a little surprise photo shoot for mommy! She's 6 mos. old already & today happens to be her mommy's birthday! Happy Birthday A!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well this past weekend was the 2009 Winter PPI conference, it is a whirlwind of classes, note taking, & gabbing with other photographers! There are so many nice people to meet that come in all sorts of packages! Some have been shooting for 30 years & some have barely started! I met a few more ladies & we got to hang out & share lunch, our notes, running up the stairs!! The board of PPI makes everyone feel so special & they do such an awesome job at welcoming you! It really does become one of those weekends that you end up looking forward to so you can see them again!
Here area few of my friends from the conference on Disco Nite! Ooohh what a nite!!! (i was singing in case you didnt recognize the song!)
From left to right is Linda, Vickie, Shuva & myself.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the competition. Each conference gets a bit better because of all the information that other photographers share so willingly.

I'm so excited to share with you:

This one titled "holding on: received a 1st place award for it's category, & also an honorable mention. (not sure why they do that though!)

This print "Gypsy Girl" received a score that qualifies it to be sent onto Nationals & also a distinguished print award. Isnt she so stinking beautiful! It would be hard to shoot these girls & get a bad photo! :)

This print of our beautiful friends Brenden & Sarah Pugh titled "What dreams may come"
also received an honorable mention! woohoo!

2 of my favorite girls!!! Titled "Falling in love" received an honorable mention as well!

OK, it was announced at the banquet that i received an honorable mention also for one of my "lil ms. photogenic" competition prints. THOUGH, there was no certificate in my case, i have a feeling they mistitled it! Anyway, it has to be one of these 2, because they were the only ones i entered in that category! Glad to see that i'm not the only one that gets confused at these things! :)

Thank you to all of my friends for their assistance in naming these prints!!! That is a talent in & of itself!!