Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a few seniors and families to share!

Well it looks as if i havent posted for quite awhile! sheesh!

I will share a few things that i have done.....AND reveal how the studio is coming!

This is my baby boy, who's a SENIOR this year......!

GREAT friends to my son!!

This is my oldest baby boy and HIS baby! :)

A very fun family that i adore~!

more lovely families.....I'm so blessed!

I love this guy, he's so wonderful to his momma~! Shows true character!

a wonderful friend to my son~!


Pallavi said...

Hi. Came across your blog while blog hopping and absolutely loved it! You have a great knack for photography . Beautiful pics :)


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Online Coaching and Training said...

Handsome! You are so lucky to be surrounded with beautiful faces, lol. Wish you all well. God bless! Thanks for sharing the photos.

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Poppy said...

OMG... all your sons friends are so cute

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