Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A few of my sistas!

We just had a little get-together at my step-mom's house last Sunday, & here are a few shots of our time together! I'm the dork in the middle! My beautiful sister Jen is on my left & the other beauty is Rebecca!

These little girls are Jenna ok, sorry Jenna, you're not so little! (Jennifer's daugther) & Angela (Rebecca's daughter!) who IS only 5, so she does qualify as "little!"

Here's a few from Jen's son Jimmy's 16th birthday party...

These 2 goofballs are my son Jake (in front) & my nephew Caleb, doing the egyptian in the background!

Jake looking stunned that he has his adorable cousin Emily on his back!!

Becca & Angela "excercising"! TAG, you're it!

This is my hunny bunny of 19 years, dream weaver! Ok, his real name is Brian.

The Boys looking very GQ!

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I love the Most High God! said...

I love your blog!!!! Love your pictures so much! They tell such a fun story! You are so fun girl!