Monday, October 27, 2008

PPI Fall Conference 2008

Just got back from the 2008 PPI conference held at the Holiday Inn in DSM. I am always amazed at the amount of knowledge & talent that is out there!!! Sheessh, OVERWHELMING!! I have tons to learn & am very humbled by it all!

I am very excited, all 4 of my prints were nominated (is that even the correct way of sayin' it?)

2 honorable mentions:

Then these 2 received a 3rd & a 2nd place! I'll take it! I was REALLY stoked when the judges told me that these next 2 prints were actually tied for 1st!! OH well, i'll still take that!! YEAH!!

Just wanted to share my excitement!! Thanks!!!

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I love the Most High God! said...

O, that's so awesome Annie!!!! You are so talented girly girl! I so miss screaming and smiling so big when I see you know that?